Alcohol use - Jennifer's story

About Jennifer 

In this video you will meet Jennifer, a 24-year old student who is still distraught about her diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis. Angry at her disease and the effect that Methotrexate may have on her lifestyle as a young woman, she is trying to decide if this medication is right for her.

Methotrexate and alcohol use 

We have learned from Jennifer and her sister's conversation about the visit to Dr. Stevens that:

  1. Drinking alcohol while taking Methotrexate could cause liver damage.
  2. The current recommendation is no more than 1 or 2 drinks a week while taking Methotrexate, but some people can take more alcohol as long as their blood tests are normal.
  3. While taking Methotrexate you should have monthly blood tests to monitor your liver enzymes so that your doctor can detect any changes before damage occurs to your liver.
  4. If your blood tests are normal, Methotrexate is not causing any damage to your liver.

Jennifer's story 

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