About methotrexate

In Canada, methotrexate is one type of Disease-modifying Anti-rheumatic Drugs (DMARD) for rheumatoid arthritis. Usually 2 to 3 methotrexate tablets are taken all together, once weekly. If you have difficulty taking your pills all at once, ask your doctor about splitting the dose over the course of the day. Sometimes patients have difficulty absorbing methotrexate in pill form, especially at the higher doses. If so, your doctor can give you a weekly injection of the medication instead.

For methotrexate to be both safe and effective and to reduce the risk of side effects, it must be taken on schedule, once a week, exactly as prescribed.

What if you don’t get better with methotrexate pills?

In general, methotrexate is now used in a higher dose than the original research studies. If you don’t get better with methotrexate pills, your doctor may increase the dose (up to 25 mg per week), switch to a weekly injection, add other medications, or switch to a different medication.